Do you remember the first sight? 

when your eyes were just dark as mine 

and your breath just tasted as wine.

Do you remember the first night? 

when my eyes just sparked as light .

and your arms felt so tight .

 Do you remember the first date?

when your eyes were my fate .

and your heart was my first state.

Do you remember the first tear? 

when my eyes just told you my fear.

and your ears were just so near to hear .

I  wish i had your blind eyes and your lost memory . 💔

How could you?🌹

How could you throw all that pain on me , and i am the one who show all that change on you .

How could you leave all of me behind you ,and i am the one who could heave back life to you .

How could you freeze all of your feelings,and i am the one who feel a breeze when im beside you .

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